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Hanuman Garhi – A Temple of Lord Hanuman in Ayodhya

Temple of Hanuman Garhi is in the center of holy city of Ayodhya. The temple is different from other temples because it looks more like a Fort from outside. The Fort Temple has four bastions to it. 76 steps lead one to the cave temple of Veer Hanuman. It is from here that servant of Lord Rama protected the birth city of Rama. Inside the temple one can see Mata Anjani holding Bal Hanuman.


Nawab of Avadh had donated a piece of land for building this temple. The courtesans took up the initiative of building the temple.

At Hanuman Garhi faith is at work rather than the physical aspects of the temple.

How to reach Hanuman Garhi?

City of Ayodhya is well connected to rest of the country. The temple is located just one kilometer from the city of Lord Rama. People travelling by train get down at Ayodhya Railway Station and take a rickshaw to the place. The temple comes is in Faizabad District of Uttar Pradesh.


People travelling via road can travel down the NH-28 which leads to the city from other cities of India.

Amausi Airport of Lucknow is 140 km from Ayodhya and Babatpur Airport at Varanasi is 208 km from the place.

Tourist places around the region

Ayodha and district of Faizabad is strewn with religious places. People with religious bent of mind visit these places and feel at peace. Vashishtha Kund, Tulsidas Ji Ki Chawni, Shr Ram Janaki Birla Temple, Totadri Math, Roop Kala Kunj, Raj Dwar, Saryu Temple, Ravidas Temple and Ram Ki Pairi are just to name a few of the religious destinations out here.

People also love to visit the Company Garden, Tulsi Udyan and Rishabhdev Rajkiya Udyan around the place.

When to visit the temple?

The temple of Lord Hanuman can be visited at any time. From the month of October to that of March, it is considered highly auspicious to take a parikrama of this temple.


Luxury hotels, budget hotels and cheap accommodation is available for tourists visiting the temple and surrounding areas. Hotel Saket Ayodhya, Abha Hotel Motibagh, Hotel Tirupati, Hotel Shane Awadh, Hotel Avantika, Abha Hotel and Hotel Krishna Palace are some of the well visited hotels in the Faizabad district.

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